buy local

Buy Local. Eat Local. Go Local.

SIDES has a clear mission. To support and promote locally owned small businesses in Key West. We are embracing the unique character and feel that mom and pop stores bring to the island. They feel like home, they share a true Key West vibe and they are all inclusive. These small businesses are also – for good reason – the highest rated by tourists and the most recommended by locals. If you shop at a Conch owned store you keep the spirit of Key West alive. Why? These small businesses are deeply rooted in our community, they provide jobs to island dwellers, they pay the taxes that make our island shine, and last but not least they claim space that otherwise will be taken over by homogenized large corporations that want to turn our dear Conchs into drones. How do you kill the spirit of a Conch Island dweller? By making them dance to the beat of a corporate drum that does not understand or sing freedom, ocean, sky and salt. But our locally Conch owned stores and restaurants do know the song of its people! They treat their employees with grace and welcome the visitors to our island with warm hospitality. These businesses are the heartbeat of the island, these business owners are proudly supported by SIDES!

Did you know according to the American Independent Business Alliance that each dollar you spend at independent businesses returns 3 times more money to a local economy than one spent at a chain (almost 50 times more than buying from an online mega-retailer) — a benefit the island can bank on.