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Jane has based her practice on the belief that her job as an interior designer is to create ideal living environments for her clients. She is inspired by her their particular tastes, perspectives and living/working requirements. She celebrates the fact that everyone experiences the world differently, and is driven by the challenge to find what works best for her client’s sense of aesthetics in their home or work space.

Jane’s clients have noted her particular expertise in all things color and pattern. She has a great passion for finding the perfect fabrics to enhance the furnishings and decorative accessories in a client’s home or office. Colors, form and pattern all lead to the perfect space for work and relaxation.

When Jane is not designing she loves to spend time with her children and friends. She has a strong love of animals and nature — in particular, dogs, horses, birds, iguanas! Travel has always been an important aspect of her life, and with travel comes beautiful new avenues for sourcing, such as antiques and one of a kind specialty items.


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