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Many might ask, what is THE PEACE STORE?  Simply put, it is a place that connects PEACE themed items with consumers online and in a boutique store located in Key West. It is also a virtual space where we can share ideas, pictures, art and words to inspire hope and pragmatism. We picked Key West for the store because, well, it is Key West, a mostly peaceful little community at the gateway to paradise. Most cars, bikes and scooters here carry “ONE HUMAN FAMILY” stickers, with over a million distributed to visitors by a kind chap. We might best be described as small business entrepreneurs who want to promote PEACE in the marketplace. Our inspiration for starting the online PEACE marketplace came from having a strong response to PEACE items in our funky Key West store and Provincetown stores and finding it necessary to close one of our store in Ptown, Mass because big box competition and pricing have made it very difficult for mom and pop shops to survive the mega marketing prowess of large corporations.   


The Peace store key west